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Training of Trainers (TOT) - Google mSite Certification training of E-Rozgar Trainer

19 July 2019

E-Rozgar is a Pakistani Govt.’s program where they train the unemployed graduates to learn and earn money via Software Dev, Design, Creative Work. I trained over 80 trainers for mSite Certification by Google and they took the test afterwards. The passing rate was more than 60% in first attempt.

It was envisioned by a Googler, Saad Hamid (Community Manager) and he E-Rozgaar and me. I carried out the trainings.

The Goal is to scale the community learnings. These 80+ trainers will go back to their 40+ training centers in various cities and train hundred of students about Google Mobile Site Certifications. When those trainers carry out the activities and their students attempt the test, we hope that 500-700 students will pass this test